Turning in responses to problem sets

Preparing your homework:

You should prepare your homework as a single .m file. Choose "New file...script" and do all your work in that file.  Save it as 
lastname_ps1_1.m.  The file, when run, should generate any figures that are needed for the homework.  All figures should be clearly labeled (including the axes); significant points will be deducted for figures that are not adequately labeled.  If you write any additional function files, please include those, too.  Some partial credit will be given for partial solutions.  

You should respond to questions that require written answers as comments, set off by the % sign.  For example:

% Q1.1  Answer 1, line 1.
%      Answer 1, line 1.
% Q1.2  Answer 2.

Submitting your homework:

Please submit your work by email; attach your "
lastname_ps1_1.m" file and any other functions you wrote (I will already have functions that we wrote together during the labs) to [EMAIL].  This address is for submissions only, not questions (for questions, see Ask a question).