Course Calendar

Note: all lab responses are due 1 week after the lab is done in class.

[This is the schedule that we followed in 2012]

September 2012

October 2012

10/16(T)      No class / time to catch up / get ahead

November 2012

11/02(F)      *Team project 1 presentations 

11/06(T)     *TP1 write-up due. Lab 4.1 Basic image representations

11/23(F)      NO CLASS (Thanksgiving recess)

11/27(T)     *TP2 write-up due. Work day. Catch up / work ahead.

December 2012

12/11(T)      Team project 3 presentations

12/19(Wed)   **ALL MATERIAL DUE 5pm (Team 3 write-ups, any remaining labs to be turned in)**