Turning in responses to a lab

If you are taking the course for credit as Bio107a at Brandeis, then use the GitHub submission system to record your responses to labs. Everyone else can follow the seteps below.

You can record your responses to the labs using the following steps:

  1. Start Microsoft Word or another word processor that can handle graphics (like Apple Pages) and open a blank document

  2. Name the file lastname_lab#_#.docx, where # are the numbers that correspond to the lab.

  3. Write the answers to the questions (Q1, Q2, etc) in the Word document (save your work as you go).

  4. If you are asked to insert a figure you have made, you can go to the Figure window in Matlab and choose Edit menu -> Copy Figure. Then, go to Word, and choose Edit menu ->Paste.

  5. When you are finished, be sure save all your work.